Play Qwop Games




How to play:

  • Q moves the facing thigh forward, and the other thigh back.
  • W is the opposite of Q.
  • O moves the facing calf forward, and the other calf back.
  • P is the opposite of O.


Qwop is a games diversion, where you play as a competitor. To play the qwop diversion you have to press the keys QWOP in the right request to run however much as could reasonably be expected. This diversions is a tremendous achievement and was played by a large number of clients. you’ll cenrtainly have hours and hour of fun playing it. QWOP was initially made in Gregorian schedule month 2008 by Foddy Bennett for his site, once Foddy was a Deputy Director and Senior examination Fellow of the Program on the Ethics of the New Biosciences, The Oxford Martin employees, an a piece of the University of Oxford. He taught himself to make recreations though he was delaying from completing his treatise in reasoning. Foddy had been getting a charge out of diversions following the time when he got his beginning pc (a 48k Sinclair Spectrum) at age five. This diversion can be exceptionally challanging, and you will need to practice a great deal to ace in it, turn into an expert and challange your companions to attempt to beat you. So what are you holding up to play? We should play QWOP?